Martha on being a Research Assistant intern

Martha interned with Macmillan to give something back to people affected by cancer. As a result of her internship, and the skills she gained, she had the confidence to apply for a permanent job with Macmillan.

She stayed in the role for a couple of years and now works as a Business Process Analyst at Bristol City Council.

Martha's story

I joined Macmillan’s internship scheme as a Research Assistant intern. I was keen to give something back and help Macmillan support more people affected by cancer.

Macmillan offered me the experience of working in a high profile and well-respected third sector organisation, which really enhanced my CV.

I was based in the Strategic Insight team and my role was to conduct research for ten 'Rich Picture' publications, which summarise the numbers, needs and experiences of different groups of people living with cancer.

The Rich Pictures were publicised externally and continue to be frequently used at conferences and other events. 

I particularly liked the fact that there was a specific project I was working on and clear structure to my internship. As my responsibilities increased, I really developed within the role. I wasn't just stuck photocopying all day.

When I finished my internship, I worked in various roles across Macmillan including Services and the Strategic Insight team. I was able to bring a wide knowledge base to each role and draw on my experiences of gathering and implementing evidence.

I am currently relocating to Bristol, where I have been offered a job as a Business Process Analyst at Bristol City Council.