Lesia on being an Intern Manager

A female Macmillan intern manager sits in an office smiling.
A female Macmillan intern manager sits in an office smiling.

Lesia is a Corporate Volunteering Officer and works within the Corporate Partnerships team. She is always looking for new ways to innovate and develop. Having intern Jeremy work on a project about ways to maximise growth, meant she was able to better reflect on where her team's work could develop.

Lesia's story

Our intern was Jeremy. He had plenty of experience working, mainly around finance and calls, but none in a charity. Whilst at Macmillan he was able to dedicate himself to a large research project, bringing research, database, IT and presentation skills, which we aimed to further develop during his time with our team. 

Jeremy worked on the project 'How can Macmillan maximise corporate volunteering engagement?' There were many areas of research that we had wanted to explore, so this seemed to be the perfect project to give him. It’s great to have a fresh pair of eyes, that haven’t got 'charity glasses' on! Having an intern is a fantastic way to gain a new perspective on things, and to see things from a slightly different angle.

The research helped us to learn about what was happening at other charities, what the barriers and successes were, current trends in corporate volunteering as well as exploring other volunteering opportunities that we could potentially implement. 

I was also an intern, so I know how valuable the experience was. Managing an intern and being able to help them meet their goals and ambitions is great, it also helps you develop yourself and your own skills. So it’s a win-win.