Katie on being an intern and chairing a fundraising committee

While studying at university Katie decided she wanted to intern for Macmillan.

She later went on to set up the Glasgow University Macmillan committee.

Katie's story

I applied for a position through Club21 at the University of Glasgow. I’d heard about the Macmillan internships and the opportunities they’d offer, so I thought, 'why not?' It was the first interview I’d ever done so it was great experience.

No matter what your interests or passions are, there is bound to be something for you if you want to intern. As soon as you start you feel part of the team. I met so people during my time with Macmillan – I’ve become such good friends with the girls on the University Macmillan Committee.

I am the president/chairperson of the Glasgow University Macmillan Committee that aids the West of Scotland Fundraising team. At the student committee, we’ve done everything from bucket collections to raising awareness, trying to get other students involved.

Through doing this internship, there were jobs I’d never even heard of that have now become a possibility to me – so hopefully in the future I can continue to work in the charity sector. If you’re applying for jobs you can put your voluntary internship alongside whatever your main focus is, and employers can see you’re a well¬rounded person – volunteering experience comes across very well on your CV.

I follow any opportunity that I have to spread Macmillan's message and I have enthusiastically taken my role as a volunteer to a new level - with the support of the West of Scotland team - by founding a Macmillan society at the University of Glasgow to make it even easier for other students to get involved.

Watch: all about Katie's experiences

Watch: all about Katie's experiences