Izzy on being a Campaigns intern


Through her internship Izzy was able to get hands-on experience in a charity Campaigns team and understand how Macmillan affects change. She wants to continue her involvement with Macmillan and is planning to organise her own Coffee Morning.

Izzy's story

I decided to join Macmillan as a Campaigns intern because I really wanted to get hands-on experience in a campaigns team in the third sector.

I wanted to see a campaign develop, and understand how the process delivers political change. Macmillan has a number of campaign successes under its belt, and I was keen to learn from an effective team, and see how such a large organisation works together to make change.

I really enjoyed how hands-on the internship was; I was given the opportunity to speak with different groups of people about our campaigns and their experiences which was really valuable for my CV.

I least enjoyed my commute to work! I live about 5 hours away so I would drive down to London on a Monday morning at 3am – I think it’s safe to say Monday’s were my least productive day.

I was also given a lot of independence from day one. I was set various individual pieces of work, this has been really useful because it has improved my time management.

I am hoping to move into a campaigns role in the charity sector after completing my internship. I think this experience has really prepared me for this next step, I feel so much more confident in my knowledge of the third sector, and about the aims and values of Macmillan.

While I haven’t got a definite plan for the next few months, I have decided I will definitely be holding a Macmillan Coffee Morning next September – there's been such a buzz around the office for this year's event, and it’s something I really want to be part of again!