Elissia on being an Intern Manager

A female Macmillan intern manager stands in an office smiling.
A female Macmillan intern manager stands in an office smiling.

Elissia works as an Editor in the Cancer Information Development team. Her role involves working with information specialists to create reliable and up to date content. She managed intern Sadie, helping her to further develop her editorial skills.

Elissia's story

We felt that we could offer a lot of key skills for an intern wanting a career as an Editor or Copywriter. Doing an internship could kick-start a career for them and set them apart from other budding Editors.

Our most recent intern, Sadie, made a huge contribution to the team. She had a big personality and built great relationships with many people in the team.

She offered support to the editorial team, as well as the Living with cancer team and we were able to trust her with key tasks. Sadie arrived with enthusiasm and a desire to do well, and it was great to see her passion and to be able to inspire her further.

Taking on an intern is a chance to share the skills that we have as a team (and an organisation), and to offer a starting point or change of career direction. It is a brilliant opportunity for non-managers to develop management skills. I have thoroughly enjoyed managing our intern and would recommend it to others. The internship scheme has a great track record of getting people into a full-time job. I was an intern at Macmillan, as was the current Editorial Assistant in our team. It is an excellent way to nurture existing talent and bring those with a desire to help people affected by cancer into the organisation.