Eleanor on being a Health & Social Care intern

A Macmillan intern sits at a desk in an office.
A Macmillan intern sits at a desk in an office.

Eleanor interned in Macmillan's Health and Social Care department. She enjoyed both the social and

learning aspects of her internship, participating in Macmillan Takeover as well as developing her professional skills.

Eleanor's story

I applied for an internship in the Health and Social Care department of Macmillan because I wanted to learn more about the world of health care and gain experience working in the third sector. 

Having had experience with loved ones suffering from cancer, Macmillan was the obvious choice and it did not disappoint. 

The internship was really hands on, and from day one I was given responsibility. I had my own project that I managed, which involved liaising with different departments across the organisation. 

I had many other great opportunities whilst interning, including participating in Macmillan Takeover and representing the Health and Social Care department at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Cancer summer reception at The Houses of Parliament. The scheme also offered many other perks, including one to one sessions with a recruitment agent, a cross-organisational mentor scheme, as well as learning and development workshops. There was also a great social element to the internship. 

I interned alongside approximately 20 other interns, who I went for lunch, drinks and even to Brighton with. 

Everyone at Macmillan is so friendly, I have lost track of how many slices of cake I’ve eaten or how many birthday cards I have signed in the last seven months. I even had my own office celebration when I was an intern! They went out of their way to make me feel welcome, valued and helped me develop in order to achieve my goals.