Daisy on being an Intern Manager

A female Macmillan intern manager stands in an office smiling.
A female Macmillan intern manager stands in an office smiling.

Daisy works in the Volunteering team, writing the training, learning and development for the 20,000 volunteers Macmillan has across the UK. She was looking for ways to make it easier for volunteers to access learning opportunities,

and when intern Yu-Ting joined, she was able to contribute to this search by researching peer-to-peer learning opportunities, and find how they could be applied with volunteers at Macmillan.

Daisy's story

Within the volunteering team we really support and value the idea of volunteer involvement and wanted to find ways volunteers could support each other to learn. This grew into a big piece of work that - whilst being a nice thing to do - we knew we didn't have the staff capacity to pick up. I thought that it might be a nice stand-alone project that we could give to an intern to shape and make their own. It wasn't something that was so important that it would be catastrophic if they didn’t do it the right way, but it also carried enough responsibility that it would be a challenge.

Our intern Yu Ting was in university - which was a great fit because it was a research project - and she approached it in a much more academic way than I would have done. She brought a totally different approach to the work and found ways other organisations were involving volunteers inside and outside the charity sector. This made for much more solid research, and we gained really practical tips from her work. It’s a fresh pair of eyes on something you probably wouldn’t have as much time, energy and enthusiasm to do yourself and projects are much more well-rounded as a result.