An-Magritt on being a Special Events intern

A Macmillan intern sits at a desk in an office.
A Macmillan intern sits at a desk in an office.

During An-Magritt's internship she attended an HR talk to help her think about her future career. There she met someone who thought the skills she'd

acquired during her internship might be perfect for a job vacancy in a different team. An-Magritt is now Macmillan's Learning and Development Coordinator.

An-Magritt's story

For me, I would say that the experience of working within a major charity organisation and the opportunities this brings are the top two reasons to apply for an internship. 

I applied for a dozen jobs before I did my internship with Macmillan and I never heard back from anyone. Not only did I get job offers after completing my internship, but I also felt that I’d gained the sort of experiences and knowledge that you can only really get from interning or volunteering. After interning with Macmillan, I was offered several jobs within different charity organisations.

My main reason for wanting to work for Macmillan are the values this organisation represents and the amazing work Macmillan does to help people affected by cancer. I’ve wanted to work for a charity for a long time, and when I got offered a job with Macmillan, I was really excited to know that I was finally going to work for something that would have a positive impact on people’s lives. 

I love the friendly atmosphere here. It really feels like a workplace where people care about each other. I’ve made a lot of friends here - which is not always the case when you work for a big organisation - and I also like that we’re always focusing on improving our work, not just as an organisation but as individuals as well. 

I believe that the different challenges and experiences I’ve been through since I started working here have had a great impact on my skills and ability to handle challenging situations, and have also helped me gain new confidence in what I do and who I am.