Simon Phillips

Chief Operating Officer

Simon is our Chief Operating Officer. He’s passionate about improving the charity’s understanding of life with cancer and delivering the right services for people when they need us the most. He ensures we use evidence and insight to prioritise our resources and ensure the services we provide people living with cancer are sustainable, integrated and relevant in an evolving world.

Simon’s strategy

Simon is accountable for ensuring that Macmillan is fully enabled to deliver our strategy and the right services for people living with cancer, both directly and through our partners including the NHS. His role is all about shaping our priorities, based on insight and data, and delivering a strategy that responds to the needs of people with cancer.

Career and credentials

Simon was appointed as Chief Operating Officer in February 2019. Since November 2020, he has led both our Strategy and Performance and Cancer Support Operations functions. Before this role, Simon was Macmillan’s Executive Director of Strategy and Performance. He first joined Macmillan in 2005 and has held a wide variety of roles across the organisation, notably in Services, where he led on the creation of the Macmillan Support Line.

He also worked in Fundraising, where he set up our award-winning partnership with Marks and Spencer. He was also involved in our groundbreaking Nationwide financial sector change work, which helps reduce money worries for people living with cancer.

The non-work stuff

Simon lives in North London with his wife and three children. In his spare time, he enjoys supporting his football team (Liverpool), cooking, listening to music and he can be seen every other day on a slow morning jog through Alexandra Palace.