Dr Rosie Loftus

Chief Medical Officer

Rosie Loftus trained at Birmingham University and has been a GP Principal in Kent since 1989. She worked as a Clinical Assistant at the Heart of Kent Hospice for a number of years and has been a Macmillan GP since 2001.

She became Macmillan GP Adviser to the London, Anglia and South East Region in July 2002 and was Macmillan’s Lead GP Adviser from 2003-2013.

She was appointed Macmillan’s Joint Chief Medical Officer in 2014, a role she shared with Professor Jane Maher, reflecting the need for specialists and generalists to work together more effectively. Rosie is now Macmillan’s Chief Medical Officer after Jane stepped down from the role in December 2018.

As CMO, Rosie provides clinical insight into Macmillan’s strategy and corporate priorities, she maintains relationships with external stakeholders such as the Royal Colleges and NHSE and provides a connecting/distilling function with wider clinical communities. She is an Honorary Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.