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Cancer can turn your world upside down. But you are still you: mums, dads, friends, lovers, work mates and more.

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Juan spent time with family

Juan found treatment exhausting, but with the support of Macmillan's Online Community he still found time to spend with his daughter.

Yoga and weightlifting helped Bei

Bei worried about maintaining her fitness through chemo. She took part in a Macmillan strength and conditioning class and managed to keep up yoga, aerobics, and weightlifting as well.

Peter kept dancing

Five weeks after surgery, with information and support from Macmillan, Peter was back dancing. The music and thinking about his steps and posture helped keep his mind off cancer.

Cycling gave Andy a physical challenge to overcome

The mental battle, for Andy, was so much harder, post cancer. His call to the Macmillan's Support Line gave him the support he needed. Getting back on his bike gave him some achievable goals and helped him to get fitter.

Time with friends and playing basketball made a difference

For Ellis, #LifeWithCancer is playing basketball and spending time with friends. Ellis found the support Macmillan gave his family was crucial when coping with the emotional side of cancer.

James enjoyed a Christmas without treatment

It will be James’s second Christmas without treatment this year. The support of his Macmillan Nurse, Kate, made a big difference to James and his parents, Ruth and Chris.

Dancing made Lea feel free and alive

Financial information, counselling, meeting a cancer specialist dietitian, cancer rehabilitation and relaxation therapy sessions - these are some of the ways that Macmillan supported Lea to live her life with cancer.

Ruth kept strong with swimming

For Ruth, #LifeWithCancer is finding the balance so she can go to work, swim, meet friends, and deal with all the side effects from treatment. Ruth found the information and support from Macmillan vital when returning to work.

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