Macmillan Quality in Information and Support Services

MQuISS® is Macmillan’s quality standard for Cancer Information and Support Services (CISS). It provides detailed guidance on developing, delivering and improving your information and support service and meeting the changing needs of people affected by cancer.

MQuISS® will:

  • Show you what you need to set up a high-quality, new information and support service.
  • Help you to identify where you can develop and improve an existing service, for example, by reaching more people who need your service or developing your volunteer team.
  • Give you ways of systematically assessing the ongoing quality and relevance of your service, enabling you to keep up with changing needs.
  • Enable you to demonstrate your effectiveness to managers, commissioners, health boards and users.

What does it cover?

MQuISS® has 12 interlinked ‘quality areas’ looking at all aspects of a well-managed service: 

  • planning
  • governance
  • leadership
  • user-centred service
  • managing people
  • learning and development
  • managing money
  • managing resources and information
  • communication and promotion
  • working with others
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • results

Services often find they are meeting many of the standards already, but MQuISS® helps them to collate evidence for their achievements. You may be aware of improvements you would like to make. MQuISS® is full of ideas on how to do it, and there are sources of extra advice, guidance, templates, and details of training on our dedicated Learn Zone page.

MQuISS® is one of the Macmillan quality standards, which also includes MQEM (Macmillan Quality Environment Mark®), MVQS (Macmillan Volunteering Quality Standards) and VBA (Values Based Approach).

We are now working to integrate all Macmillan standards into Quality Together, the Macmillan quality standard, so that no service needs to complete more than one set of standards. Work towards MQuISS® will provide evidence towards Quality Together when it is introduced.

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