My cancer treatment

If you are diagnosed with cancer, you have the right to make the decisions that work best for you.

To help you to make those choices, Macmillan is supporting a website – My Cancer Treatment – that provides valuable information on treatment options near you.

Visit the My Cancer Treatment website.

How this information can help you

By using the ‘Find Your Treatment’ search tool you can easily search for information on NHS cancer services in England by postcode, hospital or the type of cancer you have.

For each service you can see detailed reports that explain the quality of the service provided by the hospital or cancer service.

This can provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision about where you would like to be treated.

This information is brought to you by the National Peer Review Programme, hosted by NHS England.

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Just been diagnosed

If you’ve just been diagnosed with a brain tumour, there are many ways we can help you.

Grading brain tumours

You will have tests to find out as much as possible about the tumour. This helps your doctors to decide which treatment is suitable for you.

Treatment overview

Your treatment will depend on the type, size, position and grade of the tumour and the symptoms you have.