Macmillan Volunteer Awards - Long Service Nomination Form


Nomination form Long Service


All nominations must reach us by 31 October 2016.

Our Volunteer Awards recognise the exceptional contribution of our volunteers. Thank you for highlighting their commitment by nominating them for this award.

We will deliver the Long Service Award to the Macmillan staff member or professional who has made the nomination. They will then present the award to the volunteer themselves.

If you are a volunteer or a member of the public, please name a Macmillan staff or Professional contact. They will be responsible for arranging an award presentation. Please make this agreement with your contact before completing this form.

Please tell us who you are

Please give us your name and details, so we can keep in touch about the progress of your nomination.




If you are not a Macmillan Staff or a Macmillan Professional, please give us the name of your staff or Professional contact at Macmillan. They need to have agreed in advance that they are happy to receive delivery of the Long Service Awards and arrange an appropriate award presentation: