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Gemma's Story

What's your greatest Macmillan moment?

I knocked on the door of an elderly couple, and it turned out both of them were living with cancer. Neither had heard of Macmillan, and confessed they had been really struggling.

I made sure they knew about all the amazing services and support Macmillan provide and let them know they weren’t alone.

As I was leaving the wife gave me a photo of her and her husband. She said ‘You should be proud of yourself. I want you to have this – whenever it's cold or raining or anyone is horrible to you for knocking on their door, look at this picture and remember how much you’ve helped us and inspired us that there is hope.’

It was an incredible thing for her to do, and I have carried that picture in my folder every day since. It reminds me that what I do makes a difference.

What's your top tip for working on the Macmillan doorstep campaign?

Find the connection. The more people see how excited you are about Macmillan, the more potential supporters you get. This keeps you positive on the doors.

What is your favourite snack when knocking the doors?

Smiley face sweets, they make me smile when I eat them.

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