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Longest Day Golf Challenge

Four heroes. 72 holes. One epic battle. Join us.

We answer your questions

Is there a registration fee?

No, there's no fee for this challenge. We just ask that you raise as much as you can to help people affected by Cancer.


How does it work?

It’s simple for superheroes -  on the longest day of the year (or another date of your choosing!) you and 3 super team members will tackle 4 rounds of golf in one day. You’ll then send us your top two scores and fundraising information by September 1st.

I can’t take part on 21/06 is there another date I can do?

Absolutely. Feel free to hold the event whenever you wish, we just ask that all scores and fundraising totals are in by September 1 2015.

What scoring should I use?

Scoring is the best two stableford scores in the team per hole, with full handicap allowance. Active and inactive handicaps will be accepted.

You can score via our free app, OR post your scorecard back to us OR upload your score to the Captain’s Portal (emailed to you on signup).


If a member of the team does not have an official handicap, are we still able to take part in the challenge?

Yes, absolutely. Please note that if your team were to get through to the finals competition, the player would be required to have their handicaps validated and a certificate obtained.

I can’t get a team of 4 together, can I still play?

Of course - we wouldn’t say no to a super golfer raising vital charity funds. If you do want a chance to get through to the finals competition however we would need a minimum of two scores sent to us before September 1 2015.

Can we buy official Macmillan golf shirts to wear?

Absolutely. To look your part on the course, our partner Adidas Golf have produced a limited edition Longest Day Golf Challenge performance polo shirt. To order yours, visit our online shop.


What tees should we play from?

In order to save time you should play off the forward tees (men - yellow, ladies - red).

Can under 18's take part?

Yes of course, however any teams with under 18's must have at least one parent or guardian as one of the 4 team members.


Are team members able to be changed after we have registered?

Yes - your team captain will receive a link in their confirmation email to a Captain’s portal where they can amend your teams’ details.

When will I receive my event pack?

All captains will be sent an event pack within 10 working days. The pack will contain event guidelines, sponsor forms and a paying in slip.

Can I fundraise online?

Of course. We’ll send you a link to Justgiving once you’re signed up, alternatively you are welcome to raise funds offline – all info will be in your pack we send out.

Where will the finals be held?

For the seventh year running the finals competition will be held at the prestigious Boavista Golf Resort, Western Algarve, Portugal.


Are all teams eligible for the final?

To be eligible for the final we ask that scores and all sponsorship money is paid in by 1 September 2015.


How are the winners decided?

Your score will be a combination of your team score and fundraising total.

Can we play different golf courses?

Yes, of course you can. It is up to you how hard you make your challenge. Don't forget that this might slow down your progress; make sure you don't run out of light.

My company have agreed to match all/part of my donation. How do I let Macmillan know?

Well done on getting your company to match your donation. To help us to track your matched donation, get in touch with the Macmillan Golf Team at or call on 0844 375 1464 with the relevant information, which you can find on our Paying In page.


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