Hidden cost of cancer

Four in five people with cancer are £570 a month worse off as a result of their diagnosis.

  • Macmillan’s research report reveals the sheer scale of the financial burden faced by people living with cancer.
  • People may stop working and face a loss of income, whilst having to cope with additional costs.
  • People affected by cancer may not be able to access vital financial support when they need it the most. We campaign to make sure people living with cancer have access to the right kind of support and financial guidance.

Together, we can make sure they have access to the support they need to deal with money worries, so they can get back to the things that matter most in life.

Take action to cut the cost of cancer

  • Put the fair into welfare

    People with cancer should be able to access financial support when they need it. We’ve been campaigning to make sure that changes to the welfare system don’t have a detrimental impact on people affected by cancer.

  • Freeze out fuel poverty

    Nearly one in five people living with cancer turn the heating off to cut costs, even when they feel cold. Find out more about our campaign to freeze out fuel poverty.

  • Give hospital parking charges the boot

    Cancer patients face a lottery when it comes to hospital parking charges and discounts. Follow our campaign for hospitals to remove car parking charges for cancer patients.

  • Counting the cost of cancer in Wales

    Our Counting the Cost of Cancer campaign aims to reduce the financial impact of cancer for people in Wales.

Latest news

15 August 2016: Share your experience of Attendance Allowance

The UK government is consulting on the future of Attendance Allowance, a benefit for people aged 65 and over. Many people with cancer rely on it for help with things they can’t manage themselves, like bathing, dressing or getting around. 

We’re keen to hear people’s experiences of Attendance Allowance. If you or a friend or relative with cancer has benefited from Attendance Allowance, we’d love to hear from you

Email us at campaigns@macmillan.org.uk

We’re keen to hear people’s experiences of Attendance Allowance.

Macmillan Campaigns Team


9 May 2016: Macmillan warns that the average British family can’t afford cancer

Macmillan has released new analysis that shows that the average family in the UK would not be able to afford cancer, and could be forced to find hundreds of pounds a month if they were hit by the disease. The average family is left with around £365 each month after paying for necessities such as bills, food and everyday travel. But previous research from Macmillan shows that the average monthly cost, for the vast majority of cancer patients (83%), is £570.

Macmillan, which offers grants, benefits advice and financial guidance for people affected by cancer, is urging people to seek financial help as soon as possible to stop money worries spiralling out of control. Read our press release.

The average family is left with around £365 each month.


March 2016 - New report released in association with Nationwide

Make money one less worry

Living with cancer can be tough on your finances. Together we can help you deal with money worries, and get back to the things that matter most in your life. We can help you find out what benefits you might be entitled to and how to access them, help you manage everyday finances and planning ahead, and offer advice on how to keep your energy bills down. Find out how we can help make money one less worry.