Hannah McConnell

Data Lead, Evidence Department

Hannah leads the Health Data team in the Evidence department. She joined Macmillan in 2010 as health data manager and has successfully developed and expanded the team. Together they deliver a data function focusing on creating new knowledge and drawing on internal and external health data sources to understand more about the numbers, needs and experiences of people affected by cancer. She now manages an expert team of analysts and market researchers who scope and commission new thematic areas, analysing, presenting, simplifying and making sense of evidence and data. 

Hannah set up Macmillan’s partnership with Public Health England’s National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service in 2012. The partnership explores key evidence gaps to aid in understanding of the cancer population and exploits new data sources to improve our understanding of the cancer population and their outcomes. This successful programme is now being extended to Cancer Registry partnerships across the UK. 

Hannah is a social research professional with particular experience in quantitative analysis and reporting. She previously worked at the Office for National Statistics and Statistics New Zealand on a number of leading publications, the 2001 Census data, development of new social surveys and latterly, the cancer statistics function. 

Hannah lives in south London and has taken part in a number of open water swims in support of Macmillan - most notably the 14km Bridge-to-Bridge Swim in the Thames.

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